30 for 30 Campaign

30 for 30 Goal:  $30,000

Donations received:  $4,525

Dear Families:

You were selected and you’ve been selected again! You (or your child) experienced one of DeBusk Foundation’s summer programs.  We know how excited you were when you were selected to become a DECATS, DeBusk Leadership Camp, or DeBusk Scholars Academy participant.  Your program offered you a unique learning environment, a chance to fit in, a chance to meet new people, a chance to meet people even smarter than you, and a chance to participate in unique classes.

Whether your experience with DECATS, DeBusk Leadership Camp, or DeBusk Scholars Academy, was one year or several, you learned important life-lessons and gained valuable insights.  Now, we want to assure we can offer that same opportunity to future scholars. This year we are embarking on the 30 for 30 campaign. DeBusk Foundation is celebrating its 30th anniversary of funding gifted and talented programs and we need your support.  Now we ask you to support future scholars.

Your contribution could provide:

30- 1’s


Anatomy Dissection kit for one scholar

Butcher paper to cover tables in art and science labs for one week

Field trip fee for one scholar

30- 5’s


Robotics kit for one scholar

Paint for scenery for the play

Cost of one Mock Trial case

30- 10’s


Guest speaker’s fee for special assembly

Printing cost of newspaper

Cost of Security for fundraiser dance



Tuition for one scholar

Microscope for classroom

Royalty cost for play script

30- 50’s


Cost of iPads for Journalism students

Cost of insurance for the program

Website upkeep for one year



Tuition for Five Scholars!

Cost of renting facility for three weeks

Cost of storage fees for equipment and facility maintenance for one year

Cost of office supplies, printing and postage for one year

Here is an opportunity to give back and acknowledge all that DeBusk Foundation has done for you and thousands of others. Donate 30 one dollar bills, 30 five dollar bills, 30 ten dollar bills…you get the point.  All contributions will go to support DeBusk Foundation and will ensure that all of the programs they fund will continue to enrich the lives of talented and gifted students. Thank you in advance for your consideration.  Congratulations on being a DECATS, DeBusk Leadership Camp, or DeBusk Scholars participant then and now!

Your donation is tax-deductible.  Send your contribution directly to DeBusk Foundation or Click here to donate.

Please make checks payable to:  

DeBusk Foundation
1836 W. Virginia St., #208
McKinney, TX 75069