Gifted students are one of the greatest resources that our nation has for the future. The overriding purpose of DECATS Sugarland program is to identify and challenge young scholars at a critical period in their lives. The program seeks to make a direct impact on the learning environment of those selected for the program, as well as positively influence the lives of other students with whom the program participants are in contact with in their home schools. The program is designed to be a valuable partner with the elementary schools in the identification of young scholars.

Enrollment for the program is open to Archdiocese of Galveston-Houston Catholic school students who are completing the third through the sixth grades by June. The DECATS Sugarland program is limited to one three-week session.

Directors and Teachers at DECATS Sugarland believe academically gifted students need:

  • To be challenged by activities that enable the scholar to operate cognitively and affectively at complex levels of thought and feeling.
  • To be challenged through group and individual work which demonstrates process and product outcomes.
  • To be challenged by discussions among intellectual peers.
  • To be challenged by the opportunity to see inter-relationships in all bodies of knowledge.
  • To be challenged by special courses in the scholar’s area of strength and interest which accelerate the pace and depth of content presented.
  • To be challenged by greater exposure to new areas of learning within and without the formal school structure and to develop more fully the following skills: critical thinking, creative thinking, research, problem-solving, coping, exceptionality, decision-making, and leadership.
  • To be challenged to apply their abilities to real problems in the real world.

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