DeBusk Foundation provides grants of financial assistance to educational programs in the State of Texas serving gifted students who are in grades 3-8.

Grants are made to educational organizations solely for the purpose of direct enrichment of gifted students during the summer. Consequently, the foundation will not fund items such as land acquisitions, building improvements or capital campaigns.

Programs seeking funding must provide a specific process for identifying the gifted students attending the DECATS program. To qualify for funding consideration, one criterion of the Foundation MUST be met for all incoming students:  a ranking in the 95 percentile or above on any nationally standardized achievement, creativity, or reasoning test, in a specific area (such as mathematics), in multiple areas, or as an average score overall. Additional criteria may be implemented by individual programs as appropriate.

Funding is for three-week DECATS summer programs only. Students may attend only one summer program per year funded by the DeBusk Foundation to allow as many gifted students as possible to benefit from the funding.

All applications must be made by email.  Final reports on the programs funded are required by 30 days after the program ends.  Failure to submit a full report as stipulated will remove the program from further funding consideration.

Grants are made on a one-year basis, with no guarantee of continuation of funding or level of funding from one year to the next.

The deadline date to submit grant requests is October 15, 2021.  All proposals received prior to and on that date will be forwarded to the Grants Committee for review.  The Board of Directors of DeBusk Foundation will meet in January to vote on all proposals received prior to the deadline. Please submit 1 copy of the application and documentation by email. DeBusk Foundation will acknowledge receipt of your application by email. A response on its outcome will be sent by December 15, 2021.

All grant applications should be submitted with a Proposal Summary Sheet and cover letter.  The actual proposal, excluding appendices, should not exceed 8 pages.

Click the links to download the Proposal Guidelines Form and the SMART Objectives Template to your computer.