The Sr. DECATS program, serving the Dallas area, continues the growth and learning of the Jr. DECATS program. Sr. DECATS is for students in the summers before their seventh and eighth grade years of school. As with Jr. DECATS, Sr. DECATS seeks to develop young minds that are bright, capable, and full of curiosity. Sr. DECATS goals include:

  • Identification and challenge for young scholars at a critical time in their lives
  • Encouragement and motivation of scholars to accept the social responsibility that accompanies intellectual giftedness 
  • Making a direct impact on the learning environments of participants and positively influence the lives of other students with whom participants interface and to be a valuable partner of the elementary schools participating in the identification and motivation of the nominee 

Every Sr. DECATS scholar chooses one MAJOR and three MINORS.  

MAJORS – an area of specialization (known as a “MAJOR”) for the entire three weeks. Students study in their major for three hours per day. Majors include:

  • Drama
  • Film Making/Rock Opera
  • Information Technology
  • Visual Arts
  • Math-STEM
  • Mock Trial
  • Psychology
  • Science

MINORS – Each week scholars will participate in a different MINOR. In their minor, Sr. DECATS scholars explore broad subject matter through a variety of fast-paced, hands-on activities that vary from day to day.

Please visit Sr. DECATS at their website, Facebook page, and Instagram.