West Houston DECATS serves gifted and talented scholars, who have completed the 3rd through 6th grade. In relationship with 31 surrounding schools, scholars come from a range of independent, public, and homeschools.  The program responds to the needs of individuals who demonstrates a gift in learning by providing enrichment that encompasses all areas of the regular school curriculum. Emphasis is placed on Renzuli’s Level Ill activities including the sciences, social science, mathematics, fine arts, technology, language arts, economics, and creative and critical thinking.

Mentors present a variety of cutting-edge courses that spark and sustain interest in intellectual pursuits. expand problem solving ability, and enhance leadership skills. Course ideas are initiated and developed by the program mentors, or come from suggestions received from the scholars and parents as part of the evaluation process.

The scholars served in this program will be:

  • challenged to recognize their giftedness as a responsibility to lead and to serve.
  • challenged by activities which enable them to operate cognitively and affectively at complex levels of thought and feeling.
  • challenged through group and individual work which demonstrates process and product outcomes.
  • challenged by discussion among intellectual peers.
  • challenged by the opportunity to see inter-relationships in all bodies of knowledge.
  • challenged by special courses in their individual areas of strength and interest, accelerating the pace and increasing the depth of the curriculum.
  • challenged by greater exposure to new areas of leaning within and without the formal school structure.
  • challenged to develop the skills of critical and creative thinking, research, problem solving, coping with exceptionality, decision making, public speaking, and leadership.
  • challenged by the opportunity of applying abilities to real problems in real world situations.

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